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Thank you for your interest in Colby Community College. We look forward to assisting you in your educational endeavors. For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact an International Coordinator at


For an international student to be considered for admission to Colby Community College, the student must initiate the admissions process by applying to the college. 

Apply for Admission to Colby Community College

Once the student has completed the application 和 received their provisional welcome email, they must complete all steps listed on the International 应用程序 Checklist prior to being issued an I-20.


应用程序 & Admission Document Deadlines
秋季学期 7月1日
春季学期 11月15日
Summer Session (Online Only) 4月15日


Important Documents

Please download 和 read the following documents as they include essential information for applying to CCC. The International 应用程序 Packet includes an eight-Step Checklist for applying, F-1 requirements, 和 other useful information. 


In addition to st和ard 学杂费食宿, international 学生 should plan on the following expenses: 

学生存款* $1500 Deposit (must be received prior to being issued an I-20)
Sevis费用* * 一次性费用$350
学费 & 费用  $7,000 (This number is based on 16 credit hours a semester/32 a year at the international 学生的速度.)
房间 & 董事会 $6,000
书籍及用品 $2,000 per year (Not included in student bill/scholarship. Must be purchased sepa率ly)
TB Skin/QuantiFERON Test $60(如有需要)
Estimated Annual Cost*** $15,000

*The $1500 Student Deposit, includes a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $150. The remainder of the deposit ($1350) will be split by semester 和 applied to 学生账单. 

**The Sevis fee is independent of CCC costs. This fee must be paid in order to obtain 签证.

***This is 只有 an estimation 和 may vary by student. This does not take into account any deposit credit, scholarships, or waivers.




















加拿大公民  need visas to study in the U.S. However, an I-20 (or DS-2019) Certificate of Eligibility issued by the college is required. At the time you receive the I-20 (or DS-2019), you will be registered with SEVIS, the student tracking system. You will be assigned a SEVIS number, 和 be required to pay a registration fee (see below).

When you cross the border to study you will need to present the following at the port 的条目:

  • Proof of identity 和 citizenship (such as a Canadian passport).
  • The original I-20 (or DS-2019) signed by the college official 和 the student.
  • Proof that you have paid your SEVIS fee.
  • Proof that you have the funds to pay for college


Transcript Evaluation/Translation

SpanTran is a NACES-member company that has created a custom application for 学生 让他们的非美国.S. transcripts evaluated for possible transfer credit at a discounted 率. You can find that application by 点击这里.

hg8888皇冠 只有 need a translation of your documents, 和 not an evaluation, you can see this application 而不是: SpanTran - Translation Request.

Additional Transcript Services:

Health Insurance Options

All international 学生 are required to provide proof of insurance upon arrival to Colby Community College Campus. Students must provide documentation that outlines their coverage in the United States as well as the dates of coverage. CCC的合作伙伴 with International Student Insurance to provide affordable insurance options to international 学生.  You can review 和 purchase Insurance plans here:

International Student Insurance







International Student Office
Colby KS 67701
(785) 460-5506
Fax: (785) 460-4691